Privacy Information for users of the Internet site.

The information on this page is for the benefit of users of the company’s website. It complies with Art.13 of Italian Law No.196/2003 of the Code for the Protection of Privacy relating to Personal data of people using the website services of Flou Spa. These services are accessible through the Internet, starting from the home page on the website: www.flou.it . (herewith referred to as The Site ).

Services offered on The Site.

The user can access the services offered by Flou Spa through the company’s website; these are freely accessible or accessible on registration. When registration is required, the user will be specifically asked for his /her permission to process the personal information provided.


The services offered include:

a) Freely accessible information related to services associated with the content and/or data published by Flou S.p.A.
b) Information provided by Flou Spa that may benefit clients and/or trade operators
c) Administrative / accounting procedures and costing services that the users can access following registration, after authentication and only once permission has been granted.
d) Periodic distribution of information and documentation by e-mail, through newsletters and advertising leaflets for products and services similar or related to those requested previously. The user’s expressed permission will be requested in the registration window;
e) controlled access to areas that are protected by a password;
f ) improvements to and protection of The Site;
g) processing of the user’s requests for information and possible subsequent contact by telephone for specific details necessary for the cost estimates of the product(s) requested;

Apart from the information necessary to browse The Site, the users/visitors are not obliged to supply their personal information (optional). However, if the information is not provided, the company will be unable to provide the services requested.


The information provided will be processed by a computer and/or manually, using programs and instruments designed to ensure maximum security and confidentiality. The operators will be employed according to regulations stipulated by Italian Decree Law 196/03, art.31 and subsequent modifications. According to the current norms, specific security measures have been introduced to prevent any loss of data, any illicit or improper use of the information provided and any unauthorized access. Children aged under-18 will be allowed to submit their personal information only with the permission of their parent or guardian. The user will not hold Flou S.p.a. responsible in any way for personal damage or loss, or liabilities resulting from the acceptance or access to The Site.

Type of information requested and storage of said data

Flou S.p.A will collect the personal information only if provided directly from and spontaneously by the user. As with normal operative procedures, the computer systems and the software programs used for the Site operations will acquire some of the user’s personal data. The acquisition of this data is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information (IP address, domain names of the computers used by the users who connect to The Site, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) addresses, etc.) will not be associated with specific interests, but will be used exclusively to process statistical information relative to the usage of the Site and to control its correct function. These data will be deleted automatically and immediately after processing. However, the data may be used to identify persons responsible for hypothetical hacking attacks that may compromise the integrity of the Site. Personal information provided for contracts of an administrative-accounting nature (for example, connected to the warranties and/or the request for a cost estimate) will be stored for a period that will not exceed the validity of the warranty contract or cost estimate in question. Personal information voluntarily provided by visitors to the Site will be processed and stored to allow recognition of the user during the phases of Log-in, download of the services requested, to provide the user with the information requested and answers to the queries submitted.


The personal information provided will not be distributed to the general public. This information may be used by Flou S.p.A. and by third-party companies specifically commissioned with the analysis and statistical processing. These procedures will monitor the progress of the services, define modifications and usage of the services offered and the functions activated. The statistical processing will not be linked to any individual personal data; the data may be exchanged with third-party companies that have been specifically identified for comparison activities, promotional campaigns and to improve the company’s services. Specific security measures have been employed to prevent loss of data, illicit or improper use and unauthorized access to the Site. The data may also be relayed to: external entities for the management and storage of the hard copy and/or digitalized documents; companies in the service industry for the acquisition, registration and processing of data from documents, or supports supplied and produced by clients specialized in the administrative management of payments, effects, cheques and other bonds; - entities that provide customer services, including through the Internet site (for example, Call Centers, Help desks, website or e-mail servers); - studios or companies specialized in assistance and consulting that are also responsible for the control of the company’s organizational management; - companies contracted to Flou S.p.a.; - components of the Flou Group distribution network (branches, agents, importers, distributors): the headquarters of these entities may be located in countries that do not belong to the European Union - in this case, the information will be used exclusively for procedures stipulated in art.43 comma 1 letter a) and/or b).


The Site uses the so-called ‘persistent cookies’ to consent automatisms such as the auto-Logon. Nevertheless the user will always be in complete control and will be able to avoid these functions if he does not intend storing ‘persistent cookies’ on his PC. The use of ‘session cookies’ (that are not stored on the user’s computer and are eliminated when the session shuts down) is strictly limited to the transfer of session information from one page to another and consent the secure, efficient and personalized browsing of the site.

Nature of transfer

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory; the information is not a legal requirement but is required to complete the registration and allow the user to access the desired services. If the user does not provide the information requested, the services cannot be provided.

The company also informs that failure to communicate the requested information or the submission of incorrect information will have the following consequences:

- the company may not be able to guarantee the data processing services offered by the Site;

- there may be a lack of correspondence between the results and the obligations of the pertinent fiscal, administrative and civil norms .

- completion of the fields not marked with a (*) is optional, i.e. it is not a legal requirement: submission of uncompleted fields will not lead to any negative outcomes of the request submitted.

Rights of the users

Users can submit complaints according to articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Decree Laws June 30th 2003, No.196. The users, at any time, can request proof of the existence or absence of the data and can request information on the content and the origin of such data, check the exactness of the information or ask for it to be integrated, updated or rectified (art. 7 of Decree Law No.196/2003). The user can also request that his/her personal information be cancelled at any time, transformed into an anonymous format or request that any information used in violation of the law be blocked. In any case, for legitimate reasons the user can also object to his/her personal information being used. These requests must be submitted in writing to Flou S.p.A. – Via Luigi Cadorna 12 – Meda (MB) – Tel. +39-0362-3731; or sent by e-mail to info@flou.it addressed to the person/office responsible for replying to such requests.

External Links

The Site may contain links to external sites. Flou S.p.A. informs users that it does not accept any responsibility for the security and protection of privacy associated with these external sites. Consequently, Flou S.p.A. invites its users to examine the relative privacy information supplied directly on the specific external site. The information on security and protection of privacy detailed on this Site applies exclusively to this Site and does not extend to the sites accessed through the external links.

Responsible for the Security and Protection of Privacy

The company Flou S.p.A., with headquarters in Via Luigi Cadorna 12, Meda (MB), Italy, Tel: +39 0362 3731, is responsible for the security and protection of privacy of those people who access the web services offered by Flou, through its website www.Flou.it. The company can commission third-party companies to process specific data in order to achieve the objectives described in this document. The list of those responsible and the third-party companies contracted for the data processing is available for examination in the Flou company headquarters in Meda (full address detailed above). The member of staff responsible for the Protection of User Privacy is Stefano Sala.